"Contemplation Room" at Art Basel: Special Installation at the Art Unlimited Pavilion at the 2009 Basel Art Fair

June 8, 2009 through
June 14, 2009

Joseph Marioni exhibited a special installation at the Art Unlimited pavilion of the 2009 Basel Art Fair. A reception was held on Monday, June 8th.

Marioni has conceived this special project as a model for painting environments that he proposes to create in specific public and private spaces. The unique element in Marioni's vision is that his paintings will be created on site and in an encounter with the natural light of each location. Each Marioni "Contemplation Room" will belong to its special environment.

This presentation of the "Contemplation Room" is dedicated to Ernst Beyeler in recognition for his support of Joseph Marioni's work.

To view the artist's dedication to Ernst Beyeler, click on the link: Click here

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